Research Services

At Three Surnames Genealogy, we understand the importance of knowing your roots and uncovering the stories of your ancestors. We’ve crafted a range of options to suit a variety of needs and budgets, ensuring that you can embark on your genealogical journey with confidence and excitement.

Our Services

  1. Genealogy Research for Specific Goals: Whether you’re aiming to trace your lineage back to a specific ancestor or overcome a challenging brick wall in your research, we’re here to help. Our professional genealogist will work closely with you to achieve your desired outcomes.
  2. Confirm Existing Family Trees: Have you been conducting your own research but need validation or assistance in expanding your family tree? Our researcher can review your existing family tree and provide insights, corrections, and additional branches to enrich your genealogical records.
  3. Pedigree Chart Creation: Visualize your family history with our custom pedigree chart creation service. We’ll help you organize and display your lineage in a clear and visually appealing format, perfect for sharing with family members or including in your personal records.
  4. House History Research: Discover the history of your family home with our house history research service. From uncovering previous owners to exploring historical documents and photographs, we’ll piece together the story of your home through the ages.
  5. Transcription or Translation of Old Documents: Do you have old family documents written in a language you can’t understand or in handwriting that’s difficult to decipher? Let us take care of it. Our researcher can transcribe and translate old documents, (both UK and Belgian) ensuring that you can unlock the valuable information they contain.
  6. Narrative Compilation: Transform raw data into compelling narratives that tell the story of your family. We craft engaging and personalized family histories, ensuring that each generation’s experiences and achievements are woven into a captivating tale. These narratives (usually in PDF format) are perfect for sharing with your loved ones, creating a timeless connection between past and present.
  7. Family Book Creation: Preserve and share your family history with a beautifully crafted Family Book. Either a PDF, Photobook or E-book We’ll compile your genealogical research, stories, and photos into a digital or physical format that you can easily share with family members and future generations.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on providing professional, reliable, and personalized services to assist you in your genealogical journey. No matter your level of expertise or the complexity of your family history, we’re dedicated to helping you uncover the secrets of your ancestral past. We understand that every family is unique. Our services are personalized to meet your specific needs, ensuring a meaningful and authentic representation of your family history. Your family’s privacy is our priority. We handle sensitive information with the utmost care and employ secure practices to protect your data.

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If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss how we can assist you in your genealogical endeavors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Preserve your family legacy with Three Surnames Genealogy – where the journey into your past becomes a gift for the future.