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Why Three Surnames?

In the small English town of his birth in 1887, William Richard Cory embarked on an inspirational journey shaped by the fluidity of his identity. Born with an unknown father, he was bestowed with his mother’s surname, Cory. As a teenager, the twists of fate led him to a new surname, Cock, in the 1901 English census after his mother remarried.

William Richard Cory 1887 – 1970

Undeterred by the challenges that life threw at him, William enlisted in the Army by the time of the 1911 English census. However, his full name became a source of bullying, prompting him to make a bold decision. Fueled by a desire for self-determination and resilience, William, along with his siblings, altered the spelling of their surname to Cox.

This transformation not only represented a defiance against adversity but also symbolized William’s determination to shape his own narrative. His inspirational story of embracing change and overcoming hardships serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery and the courage to rewrite one’s own destiny. William Richard Cory, with his three surnames, became a beacon of strength, reminding us that our names and identities are not mere labels but stories waiting to be rewritten with courage and resilience.

This particular story of William’s use of three surnames and many others set in motion a passion for family stories and social history.

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